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Alicia Procter

Miami office
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What City Did You Grow Up In?

East Providence, RI

Where Did You Attend College?

RI College & Johnson & Wales University

What Was Your College Major?

Psychology at RI College and Sports/Entertainment & Event Management at Johnson & Wales University

What Is Your Real Estate Background?

Real Estate is a venture that I am excited to explore! Having a background in sales, and an ambitious personality, I know I can build my real estate background successfully

What Type Of Buyer Is Your Specialty?

I work with all types of buyers and sellers

What Kind Of Seller Is Your Specialty?

See above

What Are Your Hobbies/Interests?

Spending time with my family, exploring outside, running, yoga, beach, and real estate

Are You Fluent In Any Languages Besides English?

Not presently, but I am diligently working on becoming fluent in Spanish

What Is Your Favorite City In The World Besides Miami?

Providence, RI. It may be small but it is rich in culture and community

Three Words To Describe Your Real Estate Work Style:

Efficient, patient and honest

What Are Your Three Favorite Movies?

It is very hard to choose just three but I do love The Heist, The Departed, and The Devil Wears Prada

What Are Your Three Favorite Restaurants?

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (Miami Beach, FL), Mandolin Aegean Bistro (Miami, FL), and Lemoni Café (Miami, FL)

What Is Your Favorite Genre Of Music?

I love all genres of music based on my mood: 90’s hip-hop, country, alternative rock, oldies

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