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Max Shapiro

Beverly Hills office
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What City Did You Grow Up In:

Beverly Hills

Where Did You Attend College:

Menlo College on a Basketball scholarship

What Was Your College Major:


What Is Your Real Estate Background?

Practicing since 2003, but have been around real estate for my entire life, as my father is Stephen Shapiro

Please Share Any Other Business Expertise Or Experience You Have:

As a hobby, I am the chef/founder of Oxalis, a fine dining underground restaurant. Got to release that creativity in other platforms

What Type Of Buyer Is Your Specialty?

My specialty buyer is simply a buyer. Having been around the business and personally having been in it for 11 plus years, I can deal with a facilitate a large demographic of buyer.

What Kind Of Seller Is Your Specialty?

The kind that actually wants to sell

What Has Been Your Biggest Real Estate Career Accomplishment To Date?

I can’t pinpoint a single event, I can only say that the biggest accomplishment is continued success, being honest and ethical 100 percent.

What Are Your Hobbies/Interests?

Hobbies include cooking, painting, hunting, foraging, travelling, exploring. Never a dull moment

Are You Fluent In Any Languages Besides English?


What Is Your Favorite City In The World Besides L.A.?

Tough one… Overall, I would have to say that Barcelona is my favorite for the mixture of food, architecture and the juxtaposition of old and new together. It’s a beautiful city.

Three Words To Describe Your Real Estate Work Style:

Diligent, thorough, fun

What Are You Three Favorite Restaurants?

Mori, Bestia, Alimento (I would rather just eat in San Francisco)

What Are Your Three Favorite Movies?

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Clockwork Orange, Wet Hot American Summer

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Music?

I love all the music. If Michael Flatly can dance to it, I can listen to it

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