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Stavros Mitchelides

Miami office
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What City Did You Grow Up In?

Burlington, Vermont

Where Did You Attend College?

I didn’t

What Was Your College Major?


What Is Your Real Estate Background?

18 years of buying real estate, renovating real estate, managing properties, operating condominium associations and leasing commercial real estate

Please Share Any Other Business Expertise Or Experience You Have:

Fully self-employed entrepreneur since age 18, owner of close to a dozen businesses, internet marketing expert, business efficiency expert

What Type Of Buyer Is Your Specialty?

Luxury condominium and home buyers

What Kind Of Seller Is Your Specialty?

Sellers that understand that this is what I do for a living, so they can leave every aspect of selling their real estate to me, and I’ll do everything in their best interest

What Are Your Hobbies/Interests?

Hiking, exploring, adventure travel, photography, real estate, business, boating, meeting new people, dining out

Are You Fluent In Any Languages Besides English?

None, but I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for about 20 years!

What Is Your Favorite City In The World Besides L.A.?

Burlington, Vermont

Three Words To Describe Your Real Estate Work Style:

Efficient, honest, passionate

What Are Your Three Favorite Movies?

Garden State, The Notebook, Shawshank Redemption

What Are Your Three Favorite Restaurants?

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw (DC), La Plage (St. Barth), HuaHua’s (Miami)

What Is Your Favorite Genre Of Music?


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