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In reality, you need ONE. One very good, and smart, and dedicated one. The fact that some companies have hundreds and, in several cases, thousands of agents is of no consequence to you.

Relationships are the key especially in high worth residential real estate, and whether buyer or seller, your relationship will be with an individual and not the other 349 agents in that company. It does not matter how many introductions are promised through others in an organization. You will have chosen the one who convinces you that they are the best to provide you with the expertise and service that you have earned. Once that decision has been made you are in a one on one situation. Your success is reliant on this and this alone. This holds particularly true in luxury real estate.

At WEA we confidently feel that our agents are your best representatives. Our core has been trained and has experienced just about any type of transaction that comes their way. And standing behind them is local ownership with decades and billions of dollars of experience to guide them through the most difficult circumstance. I don’t think Warren Buffet or Henry Silverman is available to personally advise the agents at the brokerage companies they control. But at WEA both Shapiro and Rappaport (two of the most successful agents in the history of residential real estate) are available 24/7.   This not only helps our agents overcome any obstacles, but it helps you as well.

It’s one of the reasons why we’ve been named a leader in luxury real estate sales consistently in the Los Angeles Business Journal (click here) and many other acknowledgements.

When another company tells you how many agents they have the thought should immediately turn to “do they have the right ONE for me.” We think we do. Try us, test us and then choose us.