WEA News

Our new “home” on the web is HTML5-friendly!

We hope you like our new WEA site. It’s based on HTML5* — the latest, most thoroughly modern technology on the web.

Thanks to HTML5, our new site will look great on your iPad and cell phone, as well as on your desktop and laptop. At WEA we constantly seek to improve our technology and the ways we present ourselves to the public. By developing a new site founded upon HTML5 technology, we are,once again ahead of the pack in delivering rich content to users worldwide.

We think our new site makes WEAhomes.com an even more valuable resource for the affluent home buyer and seller. We look forward to hearing what you think.

*HTML5 is a broad set of new technologies being implemented in most browsers. It includes video playback, a drawing surface, drag-and-drop, geolocation, CSS transforms, animation, GPU support, Webfonts, SVG, faster JavaScript, WebGL, and more awesome stuff. You can learn more about it here.