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  • 2018 Average Sale Price $9,159,864
  • 3Locations
  • Average Sale Price Per Agent $4,325,000

At Westside Estate Agency, we believe that every home has its own unique DNA, that each home is extraordinary to itself, unlike any other. We also recognize that every buyer and seller are equally unparalleled and highly individual. It is with this mindset that we approach working with our clients. Our agents do not simply just list the homes we represent. They get to know each home intimately, from its one-of-a-kind features to its finite elements. We combine this with an inherent understanding and knowledge of our clients, their goals, needs, taste, and interests and then harmonize both to ensure a precise, well-curated sampling of prospective homes for a perfect match — and avoid anything we don’t think will fit precisely.

Data reported in the Los Angeles Business Journal, 2018

Just as every home and every client have their own unique DNA, so does every agent. We hand select our real estate agents from the worlds of business, academia, entertainment and, of course, real estate. They are high achievers from diverse fields and experts in the details and subtleties that define multi-million dollar negotiations. They possess a passion for fine architecture, and intimate, property-by-property knowledge of their local areas. And they innately understand the finer points of caring for clients with high net worth, and even higher expectations. We match our agents with our clients through an exquisite understanding of both, knowing which agent will inherently best meet a client’s needs and goals. Language is no barrier: We have real estate agents who are fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Farsi, Mandarin, Armenian and Arabic.


Westside Estate Agency is defined by the values and the vision of its two founders, Stephen Shapiro and Kurt Rappaport. In 1998, Stephen Shapiro and Kurt Rappaport were two of the most well-known, highly compensated realtors in Los Angeles. Still, they felt there had to be a better way to meet the very high expectations and individual needs of their high-net-worth clientele.

It wasn’t long before the two began making plans for a different kind of brokerage. A real estate agency committed to putting client service first, and completely satisfying the needs and desires of each client. In the words of Stephen Shapiro, “Negotiations conducted with intelligence and integrity result in what we call the ‘triple win.’ Great results for the buyer, the seller, and WEA.”

In 1999, Shapiro and Rappaport opened Westside Estate Agency with a focus on the most expensive and prestigious homes and estates in the prime Westside areas of Los Angeles. In 2007, WEA opened its Malibu office to service that world-famous community. Today, WEA has a clientele without parallel, at the pinnacle of the business, financial, technology and entertainment industries generating billions in sales and the highest average price per sale in the industry. The company added its Miami, Florida location in early 2015.

Working hand-in-hand with their commitment to tailored service has been the agency’s industry-leading application of technology. WEA has been at the forefront in the category for its technology use, from being the first to implement a fully integrated network computing system to the first to use scanning technology, cloud technology, e-signatures, and paperless filing to provide better service to clients. WEA continues to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation, keeping a pulse on and implementing new technologies as soon as they’re available.

Stephen and Kurt have assembled a team of full-time real estate pros, known for expertise, experience, integrity, and discretion. Each agent possesses an in-depth knowledge of the inventory and current market conditions; our clients turn to us for candid insights into current market value, the sales potential of properties and marketing strategies for our current and prospective clients.

Of course, WEA has retained its independence, in the face of widespread acquisition by a handful of impersonal agencies. Remaining independent means we answer to our clients, instead of a corporate headquarters thousands of miles away. It means we don’t need to worry about a conglomerate’s bottom line or using an in-house escrow or title company; rather, we’re free to focus on getting the best and doing the best for each client.

In practical terms, this translates into efficiency and responsiveness. Making the most of every minute by showing just the homes, in just the neighborhoods, that meet our clients’ criteria. Quite frequently, we’re even able to offer new properties not yet on the market.

Finally, it means WEA’s agents have a direct conduit to the top. Unlike the non-owner operated, robo brokerages, our principals play a role in and keep an eye on every WEA transaction. In a sense, every WEA client is also a client of Stephen’s and Kurt’s. Which only makes sense, as it’s with these two that the WEA story began.

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