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Los Angeles Business Journal: LA500, LA’s Most-Influential in 2018

“The third edition of LA 500 reflects a comprehensive process of research, reporting and discernment that examined a community of millions and found 500 people whose contributions to the community of business in Los Angeles County merit inclusion on this exclusive annual list. There are 10,283,729 people in the county, according to the California Department of Finance’s most recent estimates. Add to that a host of individuals who live elsewhere but nevertheless loom large on L.A.’s business landscape. This year’s entries include obvious business and civic leaders alongside others who exercise influence behind the scenes. We considered the year’s biggest newsmakers, took suggestions from readers, reviewed the lists our researchers produce each week, and challenged ourselves find up-and-comers, many of whom work outside of the traditional business channels.”

WEA’s Kurt Rappaport is included on this exclusive list. Click here to read about Mr. Rappaport on labusinessjournal.com.